***Important note*** The Ballroom Academy of Columbia requests that everyone wear soft-soled or leather soled shoes to preserve the floor–no spike heels or cowboy boots.  Please carry-in appropriate dance shoes as needed.

Winter/Spring 2017 Schedule


Feb 3 – Contra Dance
Band: Nate McAlister and Kim Lansford, Caller: Claire Baffaut

Feb 10 – English Country Dance (at Trinity Presbyterian Church)
Band: The Deylighters, Caller: Jim Thaxter

Feb 17 – Contra Dance
Band: James River Scraphounds, Caller: Jim Hemphill


Mar 3 – Contra Dance
Band: Roger Netherton and Friends, Callers: Heidi Stallman and Jim Thaxter

March 10 – no dance

March 17-19 – Spring Breakdown Dance Weekend
Band: Skippin’ Cats, Caller: Susan Kevra

Mar 31 – Contra Dance
Band: Three Around Three, Caller: Paula McFarling


Apr 7 – No Contra Dance – Big Muddy Folk Festival (Boonville)

Apr 14 – English Country Dance (at Trinity Presbyterian Church)
Band: 32 Bartenders, Caller: Elizabeth Couture

Apr 21 – Contra Dance
Band: Ellen Gomez and Friends, Callers: Jim Thaxter and Heidi Stallman


May 5 – Contra Dance
Band: Snor T Horse, Caller: Paula McFarling

May 6 – (Please note the date has been changed from May 12 due to a scheduling conflict) English Country Dance (at Trinity Presbyterian Church)
Band: 32 Bartenders, Caller: Jim Thaxter

May 19 – Contra Dance
Band: Campeau Creek Boys, Caller: Jim Thaxter


Jun  2 – Contra Dance
Band: Nine Mile Band, Caller: Jim Thaxter

Jun 9 – no dance

Jun 16 – Contra Dance
Band: 32 Bartenders, Caller: Claire Baffaut

Jun 20 – Cooper’s Landing Dance
Band: TBD

Jun 30 – no dance


Jul  7 – no dance

July 14 – no dance

Jul 18 – Cooper’s Landing Dance
Band: 32 Bartenders

Jul 21 – Contra Dance – Annual Watermelon Dance
Band: River Ridge String Band, Caller: Claire Baffaut


Aug 15 – Cooper’s Landing Dance
Band: TBD